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P.O.Y is the new generation of consultancy. Our mission is to help companies define and reach their commercial goals in order to become pioneers within their fields. Our work combines the domains of Strategy & Innovation, Design & Branding, and Sales & Activation in a contemporary way boosting results for our clients. 

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“For several years, we have outsourced all our performance marketing to POY, which has played a key role in more than quadrupling (4X) our turnover in our D2C business. I think the key to our succesful collaboration has been that they not only
understand our brand and positioning but are also technically proficient.”
Simon Wick
CEO & Co-Founder
“POY has been responsible for developing our strategy on how to work with cultural and social initiatives at the Søpavillonen. It has been extremely valuable for us to have a partner who can think creatively, develop concepts, and at the same time, handle the
administrative aspects.”
Jon Vanggard Thomsen
Owner / Partner
"POY has been a dedicated support in both the analysis and development of our commercial strategy. Oliver and his team have been affiliated as strategic partners, contributing with a skilled understanding of the creative industry and the dynamics of being a private equity-owned entity with an expansive strategy."
Gyrithe Saltorp
Former CEO
"POY designed, transformed, and implemented our renewed visual identity, doing an excellent job of hitting the sweet spot in communicating our desired positioning as a new and innovative player in a quite conservative industry."
Peter Emil Siggity
CEO & Co-Founder
"Nicki from POY was key in shaping our marketing strategy and growth model, which was vital for our funding success and future expansion. POY's team also deepened our understanding of user needs and how our product can meet them."
Victor Bergholt
Former CMO & Co-Founder
"POY, led by experts like Nicki, excelled in our rebranding and growth strategy, significantly boosting our sales leads, SEO, and sales team support, surpassing our sales KPIs. I strongly recommend consulting with POY for your budget planning."
Jesper Ohrt Juel Jensen
Co-Founder & CCO
problem solving

By overcoming challenges

Too often, the results of traditional consultancy end up as expensive PowerPoint presentations. At P.O.Y, we believe that a new way of consultancy is needed. An approach where strategy is actionable, design is implementable, and learnings are tangible.

We aim to solve modern-day challenges by combining the abilities found in analytical management-consulting with the explosive creativity of the digital agencies world.

actionable, implementable and tangible


How do we do that

We help you break down your commercial goals into actionable initiatives. To ensure we are moving in the right direction we set up experiments and test our way to results.


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our solution

following this process

01 Teaming Up

Setting ambitious goals for our clients and ourselves means merging goals and teaming up. We believe collaboration is essential in creating powerful results, and therefore see ourselves as an extended part of your organization.

02 Changing Perspectives

To tackle a challenge means embracing its possibilities. Our unique team consists of experts in analytics, science, economy, process design and art, each member offering a new-gen perspective on how to solve a challenge.

03 Analysing Rapidly

Knowing that no certainty remains static for too long, we take a rapid and iterative approach to data analysis and investigation processes. Being curious and noticing patterns quickly is often the right solution for our results-driven clients.

04 Designing Experiences

We see every brand interaction as detrimental to creating lasting relations with your customers. Whether you communicate through text, visuals, or other interactions, we curate impactful experiences through design processes to help your brand stand out.

05 Building Solutions

We implement our strategies through flexible and schedule-friendly project plans. Our developers build the elements your company needs to succeed, while our strategist checks in with you and keeps you informed on your terms.

06 Actively Expanding

We don’t believe in breakups. After implementation, we follow your progress, guide you when needed, and make sure we stay equipped to seize new opportunities for continued growth together.

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