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Consulting 2.0
P.O.Y / P-O-Y — We provoke Growth

The new way of consulting

P.O.Y. was established with the wish of creating a consulting firm outside traditional norms. A place where we are ambitious on behalf of our clients, our team, and our own trajectory as a company, while staying in touch with what really matters to us as individuals. Having fun while creating real value.

our mission

Creating The best workplace EVER

Our goal was simple - we wanted to create a workplace that didn't feel like work. A place where a dynamic and diverse group of people were working together to deliver tangible results that impacted real people in the real world. A place that distanced itself from static reports and recipe-processes, but challenged ourselves to be creative in solving challenges.

not always following the recipe

who we are

The 2.0 team

Our unique team consists of experts in analysis as well as science, economy, process-design and art, each member offering a new-gen perspective on how to solve a challenge. With a variety of insights from nontraditional fields, we create a young and modern team that challenge the status quo of consultancy.

Oliver Thornblad

Managing Partner

+45 26199058

Viktor Gabel


+45 31188988

Adam Lund Søbrink

Senior Strategist

+45 40160329

Emil Fleischer

Strategy and Business Innovation

Bertram Christoffersen

Design & Branding

Daniel Jakobsen

Marketing specialist

Ibrahim El-Yassir

Brand Designer

Oscar Schmitto

Design & Branding

Amanda vincentz borg

Strategy and Business Innovation