Upgrading and modernizing the Biosym brand with respect for strong heritage and a more digital future

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    Medicine & Probiotics
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Challenge / Opportunity

Being a retail brand with no owned ecommerce, Biosym has limited access to communicate directly to their customer base. Getting the consumers attention and recognition in crowded shelves

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“It has been a very fun and efficient collaboration with P.O.Y. They have quickly gained great knowledge about Biosym as a company and organization in order to help develop our commercial strategy and positioning in the market.”

Sanne Biisgaard—CEO Biosym A/S


Biosym was known as the brand "your mother would recommend" with powerful products compared to competitors. A common denominator for their customer base was that they were habitual, having used their products for some while, and decided to use Biosym through thorough and meticulous research. As a B2B brand, Biosym did not communicate directly to their customer base but sold their products through vendors. That meant that Biosyms products would be placed on a shelf next to newer products, with a brief opportunity to impress first-time customers. Our challenge was to lift the Biosym brand into the digital age and match their exterior with the great products, culture, and service that we knew they had.


Our goals were multifaceted. Firstly we wanted to modernize, simplify and digitalize the Biosym brand. Secondly, we wanted to make it easier to work with marketing for our collaborators and the Biosym organization by implementing new ways of storing and sharing content and collaborating. Lastly, we wanted to increase Biosym's revenue and create systems to measure its continued growth.


We initiated our collaboration with extensive market analysis, ghost-shopping, and interviewing customers. We analyzed the competitive landscape and identified a market position that would hone Biosym's past, present and position Biosym in a deliberate space between competitors. When creating the visual core, we collaborated iteratively with Biosym to create an expression that matched their business. After implementation, we spent time onboarding, answering any questions or insecurities, ensuring a shared sense of direction for everybody in the organization. Having a small core team of Biosym and P.O.Y consultants, we created a massive change process without disturbing the day-to-day operations of developing, researching, producing, selling, and maintaining such a complex business.


Within a year of our collaboration, we had established a new visual identity for Biosym, an appropriate tone of voice, a marketing strategy, executed half a dozen photoshoots, created copywriting for almost 40 products, handed over a brand book, product overviews, pamphlets, flyers, slide decks, sales material, and business-cards, rebranded their packaging, created P.O.S material, implemented a new look and feel for their social media, as well as creating a simplistic, and modern webpage from where they could communicate with their consumers.


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We help you break down your commercial goals into actionable initiatives. To ensure we are moving in the right direction we set up experiments and test our way to results.


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