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Status Danmark is a unique actor within the financial market in Denmark. As one of the only in their field, they advise companies and private owners of real estate on how to navigate and benefit from mortgage loans. We teamed up with Status to help the company get a better understanding of their clients and to make changes in their marketing accordingly.

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P.O.Y has been a valuable partner in helping us accelerate commercial growth by doing creative and effective marketing.

Peder Bay-Jensen, CEO & Partner. 


Status Danmark helps people to get the most out of their mortgage loans. Many lenders think their bank is up to date and in control of these loans, but that is not necessarily true. This is due to the fast-changing rates and fast pace in the finance world. Status, however, observes the small changes in rates on mortgage loans and helps people convert their loans with economic benefits. The company cooperates with banks and unions to help people keep a healthy economy based on this service. Due to immense growth, Status obtained clients from various backgrounds. As a result, the company wanted to start making its marketing more specific in ways that reflected these differences in backgrounds while simultaneously continuing its appeal towards new clientele in order to grow. We helped Status get to know the interesting differences in their clientele and identified new potential groups to reach out to.


The main objective of our collaboration with Status was to get in touch with existing and new clients through targeted marketing and to grow the clientele to obtain a leading position in the field.


Through a detailed analysis of the clientele of Status Danmark, we obtained deep insights into the many variations of demography and psychography. We used these insights to develop and create client groups for targeted marketing. We then tested different communication channels over a long period to learn which channels to use for which target group and how to use the specificities of each channel as a resource supporting the content. Then we started communicating Status and its services in different ways, fitting the personal characteristics of each group while making sure to appeal to new faces in the same maneuver. Finally, as part of the new marketing initiatives, we created a new web page that communicated the Status brand in new ways and made it easier for interested clients to get in touch and convert.


Since we enrolled in our new marketing initiatives, the amount of leads has increased continually. Due to our targeted content, today, Status Danmark has 5-10 times as many private leads in a month as before our collaboration. Concurrently, we did an isolated marketing initiative targeting business clients. In three months, we generated leads which resulted in a rise in over DKK 200 million overall in Status’ portfolio. As a result, today Status takes a leading position in their field, helping people see the hidden benefits of their mortgage loans and maintaining a healthy economy.


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We help you break down your commercial goals into actionable initiatives. To ensure we are moving in the right direction we set up experiments and test our way to results.


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