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Challenge / Opportunity

Ubiqisense is a growing Danish prop-tech company specializing in intelligent tech systems and space utilization. As a company within a growing industry with increasing competition fueled by Covid-19, it was essential for Ubiqisense to get a new website that contained clear and engaging information about their product solution and provided tech information to an audience who might not know about the industry and the type of products Ubiqisense offers. Furthermore, they needed to strengthen their product brand.

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Ubiqisense is a Danish Proptech company founded in 2016. The company launched an occupancy sensor in 2021, which collects data on the way people use and interact with spaces. The data is entirely anonymous and facilitates the optimization of any given space. With their sensors, Ubiqisense helps create the foundation for a better work environment adapted to people's real needs, providing valuable insights that can contribute to more sustainable workplaces.


In close collaboration with the head of marketing, we set out to re-create the website page by page, aiming to communicate the product's value, abilities, and benefits while showcasing Ubiqisense's distinct brand identity.


P.O.Y had built Ubiquense's first website before Ubiqisense launched its new product. Our primary focus now was taking advantage of the customer feedback and product insights Ubiqisense had acquired since its launch. The project went through two work process loops. In the first loop, we focused on creating cohesion on the website, strengthening the user flow, and ensuring that the product description, functions, and benefits were clear. In the second loop, we added new subpages that would strengthen the brand and their external collaborations, as we adjusted the work in the first loop after having it tested.


Our collaboration has given Ubiqisense a cohesive website that clearly represents external collaborations and integrations along with a refined product brand. In addition, the dynamic digital platform proactively explains the complex prop-tech sensor device, so whether you are an office manager, CEO, or technical expert, you will be able to understand the fundamental functions and benefits of the Ubiqisense Sensor.


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