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Challenge / Opportunity

XO Shipping is a fast-moving Danish shipping company specializing in dry-bulk freight. It is among the leading actors in its field. As a growing company within a competitive industry, it was essential for XO Shipping to catch the attention of new talent through a thorough re-branding process that should properly communicate core values and company culture while making the company's position within the dry-bulk niche shine through.

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XO Shipping was established in Copenhagen in 2010, specializing in dry-bulk freight in the North Atlantic. Since then, XO Shipping has been in immense growth, today taking a leading position within the dry-bulk market with offices in three countries and shipping routes worldwide. Being competitive at heart, XO Shipping is known for outstanding service and long-lasting relationships with clients across the globe. Focusing vastly on its core business, XO Shipping has a successful company. Still, they had a brand left years behind and a quiet digital life. Therefore XO Shipping wanted to create a new brand in line with their successful business, which aimed at new talents while communicating company values. In addition, the company wished for a more substantial digital presence and a more intuitive web page in the same maneuver.


Together with the group of Partners, we set out to make a thorough re-branding of XO Shipping, aiming for new talents while communicating trustworthiness, performance, and service which characterizes the company's values and reputation. We also wanted to create a new website and digital universe to activate the brand and ensure a higher digital presence.


We started our process by facilitating a thorough workshop with the partners to get under the skin of XO Shipping as a company and a workplace. We got hold of core values, company culture, and stakeholders as we defined the borders of the company's field within the shipping industry. After that, we did thorough field analyses, creating a competitive landscape and investigating potential talent and clients among other stakeholder groups. Finally, we used all our knowledge in the making of new brand identity and website.


XO Shipping's new brand identity includes a distinct and bold logo accompanied by a refined color palette and typography and graphics specially developed for digital use. We made all our designs in-house as we developed a new website from the ground. As part of our comprehensive collaboration, we created all website content, from copywriting to photography. Today XO Shipping stands as a modern actor in a conservative field. The company communicates its core values clearly while engaging new talent to carry on its unique growth journey and to continuously establish XO Shipping throughout the maritime world.


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